Exclusive Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Youth Program (EEOY)


Exclusivee Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Youth (EEOY) Program is a youth program founded by Exclusiveekicks LLC. Learning and running a business is an essential skill for anyone to have.

 Exclusivee Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Youth (EEOY) progam addresses the lack of developing a major self-sufficiency skill of entrepreneurship and professional networking within local communities managed by and for youth.

These programs are critical to the community because it exposes multiple ways of generating income, educating wealth, and future financial freedom. I believe the cause of these problems is the lack of information and resources being shared with youth in the education system, communities, and households. If these skills were demonstrated as a life skill, it could change the way youth perceives education and a successful future

Exclusive Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Youth Program (EEOY)

Our Mission

Participants will learn the basics of entrepreneurship with the skills they currently possess. They will learn how to develop a business venture during this program starting with an idea and creating a BUSINESS to sell a product. Participants will learn to identify a problem, define a service audience, assess their competition, design a logo, and brand their company.